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Light and Energy Seminar and Retreat

The Seen and Unseen

     For many years we have openly shared the Ascended Masters’ prophecies of  Earth Changes, Climate Change, rising sea levels, and the ongoing  polarizing economic and social change. However, the Earth Changes  information and the Maps only comprise about ten percent of this  important message . . . what about the remainder? 

     The balance of these teachings contain a typical array of spiritual  subjects: prayer, meditation, healing, health, Law of Attraction, diet.  But for those who have developed the “eyes to see,” and “the ears to  hear,” this is an in-depth esoteric study of the Golden Cities, the  science of spiritual liberation and the Ascension Process, the Seven  Rays of Light and Sound and their co-creative underpinning through the  human aura. More importantly, these teachings are the unseen mysteries  that will help you navigate and potentiate your spiritual development in  this critical time. 

   Join us for five days as we begin this exploration and apply the  teachings, techniques, and spiritual practices of the Ascended Masters  of the I AM America Teachings. We  will investigate the seen and unseen life of the human energy field and  our personal environments, and how light and energy influence our  everyday life experiences including personal health, finances,  relationships, and self-development. 

   During this unique five-day retreat we will focus on hands-on-healing  techniques applied through the sublime, divine light of the Human Aura.  Then we will examine the macrocosm of our personal environment as we  explore Golden City Energies through vital energy points, lei-lines, and  physical landform in the sanction of the Star of Gobean. 

Auric Light - the Inner Landscape

 In the first two days, you will learn about the subtle energy fields  that surround the human body and how you can access healing and balance  for greater health, well-being, and spiritual growth and development.  Learn:  

  • How Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides enter our energy fields to  promote healing and spiritual growth during the Time of Change.
  • Learn how to identify Ascended Masters and Spiritual Teachers alongside the Seven Rays of Light and Sound.
  • The Seven Chakras and Layers of the energy field of the Human Aura.
  • Teachings on the vital Eight-sided Cell of Perfection and its  significant role in spiritual liberation from the Wheel of Karma and the  Ascension Process.
  • The energy fields of Ascension and the spiritual techniques that cultivate and create their unique energies and presence.

Energies of the Outer Landscape

    We will travel over the majestic Mongollan Rim and through the Western  Door of the Golden City of Gobean to the sanction of the Star of Gobean  and the sacred lands of Wenima Valley. Wenima Valley was once home to  both the Hopi and Zuni tribes and now a crucial portion is held in our  stewardship where we are planning a sustainable community. There we will  tour the Wenima Valley and observe its unique topography through the  lens of the sacred Golden City and the ancient art of Taoist Feng Shui.  We will sight-see and study: 

  • Regulator landform and spirit rock landform.
  • Benefic, neutral, and wrathful landform, alongside the five primal elements.
  • Sensing and experiencing the energy of the Earth Mother – Babajeran.
  • Identify hallowed space though the sacred geometry, lei-lines, and power spots of the Golden City.
  • Learn how our external environment impresses and calibrates our everyday level of consciousness.


   Our teaching for the first two days (September 30 and October 1st)  will be held at the Majestic Mountain Inn in Payson, Arizona. (602  AZ-260, Payson AZ 85541). Payson is located approximately an hour and a  half drive from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, and an hour and  twenty minutes from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Allegiant Airlines).  Several restaurants and grocery stores are within walking distance of  the Majestic Mountain Inn.

   On October 2, we will drive into the Star of Gobean for a two-day tour  of Wenima Valley. The tour location is several miles from Springerville,  Arizona. Springerville is located in the White Mountains near beautiful  Escudilla Mountain (the sleeping buffalo) and regal Mount Baldy. There  are many reasonably priced hotels and restaurants in the  Springerville-Eager area.  

   Fees for the five-day event are $680 per person (does not include transportation, meals, or lodging), with a 20% discount off a second ticket is offered for couples/friends. For more information on registration, class schedule, and further details, please email lori@iamamerica.com.

Up to 50% refund if you notify us by August 1, 2017;
NO REFUNDS after August 31, 2017. 

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